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We are exceptional at understanding your business processes and helping to convert them to online automated processes.
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Rock Solid Business Solutions
SpeckledFish enjoys creating useful and sometimes whimsical user interfaces. While approaching web development & website design projects with surgical precision, we believe the presentation of the information should be enjoyable to your users.

We enjoy exploiting the web's capabilities to enhance your business or organizational operations--something we like to call "efficiencizing." We specialize in understanding your processes and automating them with online applications. Your needs are addressed with our straightforward approach:

  • Analyze: We look at gaps between needs and solutions to figure out what's missing
  • Design: Based on our needs v. solutions analysis, we create products designed to provide easy-to-use interfaces that solve those unmet needs
  • Deploy: The grand finale, we take what we've done and publish for your audience's consumption
SpeckledFish strives to exploit the interconnectivity the Web offers by providing software solutions that can be used anywhere one has a connection to the Internet.

Review our services to see what we bring to the table and our portfolio to see the solutions we've created for our clients.

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Our 3-phase process ensures rock solid web solutions that help you achieve your goals.
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